ALL SESSIONS Creatively diverse, ultra-fresh & designed to keep you on your toes! From hardcore HIIT to unique Tone-it sessions, we have you covered!


We provide unique fitness workouts to High Intensity Interval Training sessions [HIIT]  for all levels & abilities. Even if you could train all day every day, 30 minutes with us is all you really need. We offer exceptional workouts in small intimate group sessions, giving each individual maximum attention and fast results in a fun-filled 30 minutes!

Our sessions are creatively diverse, ultra-fresh & designed to keep you on your toes! From unique Tone-it sessions, to Hardcore HIIT we have you covered! Now in Harrogate, Wetherby & Boston Spa, with new locations coming soon!

Tailored specifically for HER, HIM and MIXED Groups, for all levels and abilities, our sessions result in maximum benefit FULL STOP! Why train longer for less impact? Burn fat fast, increase your cardio levels, define, tone & sculpt your body. So now you know what we are all about…..come and join in the fun!

TONEIT:    NOT a HIIT session, but an alternative to sculpt, tone & strengthen

PACEHIIT:    Entry into the world of HIIT, at your own pace and level

CONTROLHIIT:    A heart rate monitored HIIT session used to control cardio burn

HARDHIIT:    An intensely hardcore HIIT session, not for the faint hearted


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Coming Summer 2015:

WAKEHIIT:    Is a HIIT session specifically designed to target the muscles used in Wakeboarding and KiteSurfing to give you that extra edge

RUNHIIT:    A run and HIIT session combined, 5 and 10K run, stopping off for a HIIT session along the way